Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wishes for Year 2017

Hello All

I'm been stopped using blogger for a year as I was too busy with my work. Year 2016 is going to an end. The time flies too fast for me, I still struggling with my career as my career still unstable, I dont know what I want, which line I should focus on.

Been working for 7 years, within these 7 years I changed a lot of job. All jobs are in different position and in different field. That time I really worried about my career, all my friends are quite successful in their career, however I still didnt see any result for my own.

My salary still at the executive level which I think that I should earn more than what I expected. Because of this reason, I realised that I should focus in 1 line and slightly clear what I want now. But I still need to take sometime to switch myself into the line which I wanted.

My wishes for Year 2017 are:
1. Switch to the Line which I want to focus on
2. Get approval of my Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)
3. Sign up a part time course to upgrade myself
4. Improve my English in term of writing and speaking
5. Success in my career and bring my family to travel together

So I need to put more effort in order to achieve my goal. Hope god may bless me.

I also wish all my friends dream come true and stay healthy.

Never give up and stay positive. Good Luck everyone

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